LA Pride 2017 (6/10-6/11)

LA Pride Festival 2017 Video (6/10 thru 6/11)

LA Pride’s sizzle video showcasing this year’s upcoming event, which will take place in West Hollywood, CA on June 10 thru 11.


Resist March Photos (6/11/17)

With the help of Nicolette Jackson-Pownall, we were able to capture the crowd marching past one of our billboards. The crowd was loud and proud to be celebrating and recognizing equality for the LGBTQ community.

LA Pride Resist MarchAd for 2017 LA Pride MarchResist March 2017Resist March 2017Never Give UpResist March 2017

Saudi Arabia’s Guardianship System (6/8)

Fresh Air Podcast (6/8/17)

Terry Gross, the host of NPR’s ‘Fresh Air’ program, interviews Manal al-Sharif, who was arrested for driving a car in Saudi Arabia – an activity deemed illegal for women to do. Manal recounts this event and goes into detail on the oppressive nature of the male guardianship system all women in Saudi Arabia are subjected to follow.

Intl Women’s Day in Turkey (3/8)

Women’s Day Video (3/8/17)

Video captured during the International Women’s Day march in Istanbul, Turkey. Video taken by RU Writer, Fariba Nawa with the assistance of Photographer Özge Sebzeci.

Journalist Fariba Nawa Covering the March

The Frontline Chanting


Women’s Day Photos (3/8/17)

Photos of the International Women’s Day march in Istanbul, Turkey. Photos taken by Özge Sebzeci.

LA Women’s March (1/21)

Women’s March Photos (6/11/17)

Our first event where we were able to meet with several participants, introduce RU, and talk about women’s rights in the US, MENA and South Asia